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Hot air balloon advertising throughout the UK and abroad

If you wish to promote your Brand or Corporate message using hot air balloon advertising we can help. A balloon can be designed specifically to match your needs. Or you can charter our white flying bill board balloon to carry your logo or slogan.

We can promote your brand or corporate identity by incorporating our hot air balloon display into an existing event to. This could be at a sporting event such as a marathon, boat race, golf tournament or a balloon festival.

A hot air balloon can attract public and media attention to your brand by creating your own event at an appropriate location. As we did for our customer by flying over Milton Keynes for a week at the start of the centre MK "iballoon" smart phone promotion.

Hot air balloon advertising has generated more broadcast time, column inches and facebook activity for our satisfied customers than any television, printed or web based advertising for a smaller investment.

Flying Billboard balloon

Our flying billboard

iballoon on our Blog

The "iballoon"

Jo watching balloons

Jo, reflecting on the magic of ballooning

Bournemouth Air Show

Balloons at the Bournemouth Air Festival

Customer specific balloons

Corporate balloon